The primary motivation behind the installation of roller shutters is security. For well over twenty years they have been a protective go-to for businesses – especially those in retail and warehouse environments. Yet whilst roller shutters are undeniably a solid choice for safety and security, they do possess a number of lesser-known benefits. Here we share them with you – and explain how installing roller shutters could have some surprising advantages for your company other than simple security.

A better look overall

Once upon a time, roller shutters only came in the ugly, gunmetal grey variety. That’s great if your business has no need or desire to present a polished image to the world outside of operational hours. But if aesthetics are important to you, this lack of choice can pose a security dilemma. Thankfully, gone are the days of having to choose between style and substance. Now roller shutters can play an active role in the promotion of your business – as they can be painted and customised in a wide range of colours to suit your needs. At SRL one of our specialisms is in-house powder coating. This process involves microscopic particles of coloured paint ‘sticking’ to metal – so it can be used to colour a whole host of materials and objects. The possibilities are endless – with numerous colour ways to choose from. You can find out more about these services here.

Greater brand awareness

As roller shutters can be customised, this has massive implications for your overall brand awareness. Now instead of presenting a faceless shop front to the world (with or without signage obscured by your security features) you can actively promote your company – on a large scale. As roller shutters tend span the length and breadth of your shop front or property you have a sizeable blank canvas on which to share some key information about your business – or simply emblazon with your logo.

An economical solution

Roller shutters have surprising economical benefits, too. If your business uses energy out of hours, it’s likely to seep through glass alone or a thin façade. Roller shutters add another layer of insulation – albeit a layer not designed to provide protection from the elements. Even so, they greatly aid the rebuttal of wind, rain and general damage from the elements, and can help keep heat or cool air generated from air conditioning systems within.

More efficient processes

Some security solutions are cumbersome and time consuming to operate. Whilst locking up is a necessary ritual, it shouldn’t take all night – and some may argue that the longer it takes, the longer the process poses a risk to you or your staff’s safety. Roller shutters are a highly efficient and swift security solution – benefits that many take for granted or forget about. Whether they are operated manually or electronically, it doesn’t take long to lock down your commercial premises and head home – protecting your safety and your free time.